i love a good adventure...

A little bit about me...

Hello, and welcome to my life! I just graduated from Liberty University with a degree in Business Administration and Digital Marketing. I started photography full-time in 2020 and have grown to love it! I return to Alaska each summer and winter to adventure in God's wonderful creation and capture all of you enjoying it too...

photography is an outlet...

a way to express my view of the world. It's really been a neat journey. I have been able to see the world through my lens and create a picture in a way that allows me to express how I view God's creation. It has been a way for me to worship my Creator, and I hope you too can see how glorious and creative He is. I bought my first camera in 2018 which was a Canon T7i and I loved learning how to take fun images and started to dabble in editing. My dad joined me but purchased a Sony camera, and we both went on adventures together capturing God's creation and editing how we saw the world. It was a fun connection we had- photographing and editing, and having fun through it all. Soon people asked me to take family photos and senior pictures, and I started to form a love for capturing God's creation- in God's creation. I got to connect with others while worshipping my King. So that's truly what photography is all about. To this day my camera has been the means of connection, it has allowed me to reach young girls by allowing them to feel beautiful in the places they love most. It has allowed me to take family photos of broken families, a time for them to reconnect and enjoy the outdoors together. It has brought me to places of celebration, and memorials too. But through it all, my only goal is that Jesus Christ would be glorified, and that those I get the privilege of connecting with, would see that and be overcome by Him as well.

So that's Kayla Serene Co. Let's go on an adventure where we get to be in awe of His creation.

I am a student!

I am currently balancing a life where I am a spiritual counselor at my University and thus I have a lot of different calls and emails I am working through! Give me 5-7 business days to respond to your inquiry and much grace!


Less effort= Effortless

I am laid. back.

That means 1 contract, 1 meeting, and maybe 1 phone call. Other than that, let's keep it simple shall we? It's easier for all of us. Do not hesitate to ask any questions because I am right there to answer you!

Alaska & Virginia

I am in Virginia during the school year in the Lynchburg area. On summer break I come home to serve all my Alaska clients and often winter breaks too, but for all the updates make sure you follow @Kayla.Serene.Co on instagram!

"You make known to me the path of life; in your presence there is fullness of joy; at your right hand are pleasures forevermore."

Psalm 16:11

a few fun facts about these images below...

As I was saying I love capturing the Lord's creation, so here is me in my element. The mountain shot is actually Mt. Denali, the tallest mountain in North America. The image of me walking along the beach was taken in Homer, Alaska, on a family road trip. The others were captured by my wonderful second shooters, during some beautiful weddings!